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The dBn is a drum and bass hack originally created for the Nokia N8 Push competition. The hack is designed around a pair of shoes fitted with sensors and a micro-controller which are then hardwired into the nokia handheld device. The thick, colorful cables running from the shoes to the device bring out a sense of physicality and reflect upon the retro fashion. A granular audio synthesizer and sequencer software is loaded onto the handheld device.

Once the the shoes are hardwired to the device, the users can tune their shoes for a short duration by moving their feet in different directions. Each movement creates a unique sound. Once the tuning session has completed the users can move their feet in any way to generate customized drum and bass beats.

We used processing to visualize the data get from the three light sensors from the bottom of “the shoe”. After some filtering we connected this data to an other software called Pure Data to ganerate some really simple music and to demonstrate the ability to control it by moving “the shoe”.


Nokia Push N8 Application