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Department of Information Security and Privacy


Cameras. Security guards with mobile RFID readers. Security systems everywhere. You should feel really safe in The Conference. But you have to give something in return. You have to behave. Under the security cameras and identification systems, your privacy is the price for your security.


… everything is so peaceful in The Conference…

Except those guys in black with their “DISP” shirts and their huge mobilized media tower with several screens on it. That’s scary. They are said to be the officers of the Department of Information Security and Privacy. At least they have the uniform. They are here to make sure you are safe.

But are the others safe from you? To make sure, the also have to check you. They seem to be using some kind of high-tech RFID scanner. You should behave, it won’t hurt.

Suddenly the huge media tower start to flicker. Noise. A machine voice announces your name pretty loudly. The mass stares at you. What’s wrong? What’s happening? Is that you on the screen? Yes. You and an other you on the other monitor. Your personal data and your friend’s. Is there anything these people don’t know?

But hey again, what’s with the porn and war pictures on the smallest display? It’s so annoying and embarrassing at the same time.

Yet… you have to behave, this is for you…


My task in the 10 days of the project was to program the visuals. Max and Jitter was a perfect choice to give the feeling of information overload with all the additional noise and flickering, while the output is still can be controlled from outside. I also had to connect an RFID reader wirelessly to the media monster, identify the users from the database and send data to the Max patch through OSC. Lot’s of Unix hacking.

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